Kathmandu Pokhara Biking - Days

Kathmandu Pokhara Biking tour tenders nearly all exhilarating experience of Mountain Biking. The country like Nepal is standard as the world’s best country for the mountain biking. Kathmandu Pokhara Biking tour will portrays the stunning and striking ride starting from the city of lake known as Pokhara. Pokhara is the entryway to Annapurna Region which will take the riders throughout the land of Himalayas. The trail will make to see the sights of several ancient villages and towns as well which carry the historical importance. As riders set to move following the trail of those Himalayas, the nature will offer the fantastic outlooks.
Kathmandu Pokhara Biking goes parallel on and off trail accepting the exigent as riders have to rise and moves downward in the hills. Kathmandu Pokhara Biking is designed for the midway level rider. It is definitely one of the rides which is gifted and worthwhile tour. The biking tour sets in motion from Pokhara after the short biking trip in the capital city prior to the great ride plus the identical Kathmandu Pokhara Mountain Biking tour initiate from Kathmandu.
As it is already mentioned that Pokhara is the opening for Annapurna Region, it is too well known as the astounding destination for the startling environment of Mount Annapurna along with Manaslu with good- natured lakes. The real adventure start in on from this peaceful destination and riders can take the pleasure for fewer than 30 miles on the chief highway. The remaining tour is spending on the foot trails, enjoying the trail an old jeep and some pratical single tracks. Kathmandu Pokhara Biking come under an adventure which will carry on the incredible trail off road connecting 7 chief districts of Nepal including Kathmandu, Dhading, Nuwakot, Tanahu, Gorkha, Lamjung and that of Kaski. So, there is no doubt that through Kathamndu Pokhara Biking, one can break out the city and can unite with the native people through the countryside. This is the moderate kind of trip so, riders are free from the tricky challenges.
Blue Mountain Travels & Tours, is the most reliable travel agency which offers Kathmandu Pokhara Biking tour for the whole year, illustrating the beautiful scene through the biking. As a tour package, this travel agency provides an itinerary of 8 days package. Though 5 days is an short tour riders will get to view lots of things.
Outline Itinerary
  • Day 01: Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
  • Day 02: Complete official formalities
  • Day 03: Ride to Nuwakot (45km)
  • Day 04: Ride to Dhadingbesi (45km)
  • Day 05: Ride to Gorkha (54.5 km)
  • Day 06: Ride to Sundar Bazaar (54.3km)
  • Day 07: Ride to Pokhara (74.4km)
  • Day 08: Departure!!!!
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Day 01: Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
On the first day you will be landed on Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. You will be received by the representative staff from Blue Mountain Travels & Tours. Then, you will be transferred into the hotel where you will be known about the detail itinerary. Stay overnight in hotel.
Day 02: Complete official formalities
On the second day, you will be busy in completing the entire official formalities that demands in Kathmandu Pokhara Biking tour. You should pay more attention while dealing with those papers. Stay overnight in hotel.
Day 03: Ride to Nuwakot (45km)
This is the first day from where we will start our ride formally. Riding to Nuwakot will make to observe different types of birds, statue, National Parkn and the dense forest. Arriving at Likhu Khola we will take some rest where we will get some time for refreshment. We will take the ride towards Nuwakot Durbar. This will be a fruitful ride as we will find out the historical information. Nuwakot will help to view the breathtaking views of the Trishuli River and Tadi River long with the mountains, situated in the northern part. Stay overnight at guesthouse.
Day 04: Ride to Dhadingbesi (45km)
From Nuwakot Durbar we will take ascend to Trishuli and then take gradual climb up to 3 km. Again we have to rise until we arrive to Samarai, which is a beautiful village and people are engaged in agriculture. Leaving Samarai we will take a ride to Taskbar and Automate. Automate will take us to Dhadingbesi (550 m), covering 45 km. Stay overnight at guesthouse.
Day 05: Ride to Gorkha (54.5 km)
We will ride along a metal- topped road from Dhadingbesi to Muralibhanjyang, which will lead us to Tallo Rampur. We can observe great Tars and continue biking to the banks of Budhi Gandaki River. After passing Budhi Gandaki River at Bungkotghat, we will take a gradual ride to Gorkha. Gorkha is another historical town which is connected with the great king Prithvi Narayan Shah, who had started the unification of Nepal. Taking the distance of 54.5 km and an altitude of 1110 m we will arrive at Gorkha. Stay overnight at guesthouse.
Day 06: Ride to Sundar Bazaar (54.3km)
On the following day we will set another ride to Sundar Bazaar from Gorkha. Once we cross the River Daraudi at Chhepetar, we have to ride on the difficult trail. That trail will take us to Sundar Bazaar of Lamjung where we can observe several Tars and jungles. Finally crossing the Chepe River we will reach at Sundar Bazaar with an altitude of 675m.
Day 07: Ride to Pokhara (74.4km)
This is the final day of Kathmandu Pokhara Biking tour. As Pokhara is our last destination we will try to get maximum fun and sense the adventures. Through this exciting ride we wilol get to see the sights of beautiful mountains counting Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.we will take the ride to Sarangkot and White Stupa as well. We will take a flight to Kathmandu from Pokhara. Stay overnight at hotel.
Day 08: Departure!!!!
This is officially last day where you will set to return your homeland or towards your next destination. You will be transferred into the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu by our representative staff from Blue Mountain Travels & Tours. Hope to see you soon for next tour package.