About Us

‘ABOUT US’… Getting To Know Us The Way We Are.
Our founding company ‘Blue Mountain Travels & Tours P. Ltd.’ was formed with over a decade of experience in Himalayan exploration and also covers all aspects of travel within the tourism landscape of Nepal. With Blue Mountain Travels & Tours being our flagship company; we embarked on a mission of wilderness adventure through our sister Mount Fuji Adventure Pvt. Ltd we started with a small group of people with big dreams that we wanted to translate into reality. Aggressive initiatives rewarded us with our entry into various global Tourism Markets that we serve till this day; and toiled our way up to becoming major operators with a sound reputation in the travel business that crosses over a decade and a half in planning and implementing unique trekking programs and interesting historical tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim in India. Our sole purpose has always been to be more service oriented than commercially inclined in all areas of our operations.
Experience has taught us over the years, to enjoy what we do best; bridging gaps between faiths and cultures and proving surely that we live in a small world, a world with both productive similarities and fascinating differences.
Specializing in escorted adventures to less traveled destinations in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India; the objective is to share our passion and zeal with like-minded people who enjoy a calling to discover the unknown.
We do not follow the routine pattern of escorted travel where people are content with tours that herd you around in groups or from where you view interesting tourist sights from the windows of a bus. Rather, we prefer to follow a vision that we actually discovered in the beginning when we first started; a vision that seeks to involve our 'Guests'' right from the root level with the traditions and cultures of the countries you visit. You get an opportunity to interact with the locals and even share a meal with them. You discover ancient treasures rarely seen and hike through ground never treaded before.
We are an independent pioneer company that specializes in our own kind of travel programs and are constantly seeking to create new, highly exciting destinations in the world of travel. We are now conducting exciting tours and treks to the exotic and mystical continent of Asia where we cover china and the roof-of-the-world Tibet along with neighboring Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Our Team
We at Blue Mountain Travels & Tours have always tried to live up to our responsibilities for creating programs that match our superb destinations. That is why our striving for excellence never ceases to continue. It is a way that we give back to the places we love by bringing in enthusiastic travelers to these amazing destinations. And that’s what we do best. The men and women at ‘BMTT’, some of whom have been with us right from the start form a vital part in the operations undertaken by our team; a team well equipped to meet the challenges of the new age travel, and cultivated enough to gratify all savvy travelers. Our guides & porters are well experienced, and know when what to do and how to do it and believe in it, too.
Our tour leaders and staff are among the “select few” from the regions you will be visiting. They are here because of their native experience, knowledge, their wide international exposure and education. Most of our guides were born on the rugged mountains that you seek to trek in on your holidays. They share the experiences of their own lives and families, along with their influences and beliefs, which provides a deeper understanding of the local culture and people. Many lasting friendships have been formed between our travelers and local guides. They are a central part of what we call the ‘BMTT’ Travel experience. Perhaps, what’s more important is that our team as a whole is a group of people who simply enjoy their jobs…& enjoy it to the hilt.
We are extremely committed to preserving the natural environment when we plan your holidays and make doubly sure that the area is kept clean on the conclusion of our programs. We strictly adhere to the norms of the International Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net) and make sure our guides and porters are well equipped and geared to providing you flawless services, always keeping in mind at all times first and foremost; your safety and protection throughout your program.

Our Passion…Join us & become a part of it…
At ‘BMTT’, it is the whole concept of travel that we love because we believe that getting there is as much fun as being there which is why we use the best in transport, eat out at great local restaurants and hold up at luxurious as well as family run hotels. At Blue Mountain Travels & Tours, we talk a lot about experience. It isn’t just talk. For us, travel is about experience – true experience – becoming involved with a place and its people. The message we’ve had from our travelers over the past 10 years is that they feel the same way. Great travel is an experience of combining cultures, cuisines, history, people, natural beauty and change.

It is here where we want you to be familiar with the cultures of a destination and all of it with comfort and planning which will always help you stay fresh and free. When we started off in 1992; it was our vision to provide our guests with extraordinary holiday experiences. Despite our having come a long way today; our approach to travel remains the same and we are just as passionate like the way we were in the very beginning. Come & Share this passion of ours and embark on the journeys of a lifetime.
Whether you’re one of our past travelers or totally new to us, we invite you to look through the array of Small Group Journeys & itineraries featured on our website…

Join us and be a part of the ‘Blue Mountain Travels' family.

After you decide on choosing any of our programs, you will soon learn that no matter how physically taxing your adventure or holidays may have been, you will have enjoyed your venture right to the hilt because we will always go that extra mile to make sure 'you feel at home' throughout the whole course of your journey in discovering the unknown from the known'.