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Have you ever been to Nepal, the real heaven on the earth, if not then you are really missing out! Not only Nepal is the land of world highest Himalayas but also it is the land of rich cultural ethos, wild wilderness, natural wonder including breathtaking Lakes, Rivers, ancient Gumbas, Monasteries, Shrine, Buddhist Stupas, Temples, with unique architectures design and arts, rural ethnic villages, and settlements, and many more. Organize your vacation trip for Nepal, a real paradise is awaiting you. Traveling in the different destinations in Nepal through following gorgeous river valleys, harboring unique terrains, trekking on the winding trails passing through the heavenly alpine forests and green pastures is really an undeniable awe-inspiring. Blue Mountain Travels & Tours P. Ltd. is one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal, which provide comprehensive well-rounded travel packages in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. We offer various trekking adventure, and tours services such as; eco-friendly trekking, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, jungle safari, historical tours, scenic and cultural tours, wilderness expeditions, thrilling Heli tours, wilderness expeditions, overland adventures, special interest tours, helicopter rescue, family adventurous or group holiday tour in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. Apart from this, we also offer varied adventurous and thrilling activities including Bungee Jumping, White-water Rafting, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Wildlife Tours, Boating, and many more.  
Blue Mountain Travels & Tours P. Ltd. is one of the ideal choices to pick up, which will provide you an amazing opportunity to experience Nepal’s cultural and natural elements in spectacular fashion. We organized special packages for travels, where they can experience the blend of natural elements with the religious and traditional characters. Since the establishment in 1992 A.D., Blue Mountain Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in providing best and professional services to our valued customers, which make us the leading trekking agency in Nepal. Over two decades of experience make us highly professional in the field of tourism and travel. All our highly professional and well-trained guides and team members are so dedicated to their work and conscious about the customer's safety and satisfaction. We will only make travelers dream of vacation only possible to change into pleasurable reality through the Blue Mountain Travels and Tour P. Ltd.
We carefully plan and prepares trekking and tour packages to immaculate the trip arrangements, where we guarantee our valued travelers that they will get best guiding services with the best accommodations, transportations, foods, and others facilities that required during their traveling to Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan. We also offer you one of the best services of trekking and tour packages at a reasonable price. Every trekking packages have its own itinerary, if you desire to change it according to your time and budget, we can customize trekking itinerary according to your choices. If you want a marvelous trekking and touring experience in Nepal, the real heavenly country, then what are you waiting for! Do contact us as soon as possible and discover the best holiday adventure ever!
Blue Mountain Travels and Tours is a flagship company collaborating with the Mount Fuji Adventure Pvt. Ltd., which covers all aspects of tourism in the landscape of Nepal. We are specialized in operating global tourism markets and planning and implementing unique trekking programs along with interesting historical tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim in India. Our primary purpose is to be more service-oriented rather than profit oriented.
The Owner of Blue Mountain Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd Buddhi Bahadur Basnet, born in Gorkha, the president and managing director of Blue Mountain Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. has contributed his whole life to promote tourism development in Nepal. Mr. Basnet’s hometown is a picturesque hill-town and one of the most famous tourist destinations in Nepal with various touristic attractions including Manakamana Temple, Gorkha Palace (Durbar), Tallo Durbar, Dashine Fulpati Procession, Siranchowk (Shreenath Kot), Lig-Lig Kot, Lakhan Thapa Village, Gufa (Caves), Buddhist Monasteries, Gorkha Museum, and many more. Gorkha district of Nepal has held the history of the country, which is recognized as a home to the bravest-of-the-brave troops in the world. The tourism industry has become one of the most significant sources of revenue and foreign exchange in Nepal, among which Gorkha District has contributed highly.
On the other hand, his company has gained a good reputation and success in the field of tourism with the proper collaboration of other members of the company. We have highly qualified and professional team members and due to their honesty, dignity, integrity, dedications towards work make us an expert and competent in the field of tourism. Long working experience of all staff in their respective fields promotethe sustainable tourism in Nepal and makes us possible to get  success to achieve our goal. Not only Buddhi Bahadur Basnet is the president and managing director of Blue Mountain Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. but also owns various companies. The list of the companies along with his designation is as follows:
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