Himalayan range covers the entire northern part of India, nestling five major states of the country within it. The ancient Indian pilgrims who have travelled in these mountains since time immemorial coined a Sanskrit word for the Himalayas meaning “Abode of Snow”.

Eight hundred miles of the Himalayan mountain range stretch through northern India, providing endless opportunities for exhilarating trekking. With only a small number of trekkers each year, the Indian Himalayas is a natural choice for those seeking a natural wilderness and solitude seldom found on the more popular Himalayan trails.

India is a world in itself. This is the land of mysticism, superstition & myths, snake charmers, yogis and Maharaja's. India’s variety has richness, where light, color, noises, smells, flavors are all so vivid and intense. The vast subcontinent of India is a land of great cultural and geographic diversity. It is a land of religion, of myths and legends, sacred rivers and holy mountains, of pristine Himalayan peaks and lush green valleys, the moonscape of Ladakh and the sophisticated elegance of the Taj Mahal. It is a land of pilgrimage and spiritual fulfillment.

To the far northeast of the sub-continent are Arunachel Pradesh and the mountainous Buddhist Kingdom of Sikkim. The immense Himalayas provide a tremendous backdrop for our treks and journeys here with stunning views of Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak. Travellers will visit important Buddhist monasteries and travel through lush tropical valleys and rolling tea gardens with time to enjoy the rich variety of fauna and flora of the spectacular eastern Himalaya.

In dramatic contrast the high, arid region of Ladakh in the far northwest of India is one of the last remaining enclaves of Tibetan Buddhism. Geographically and culturally an extension of west Tibet, Ladakh is often called “Little Tibet” and our journeys here takes us through isolated settlements and green oases, over high windswept passes to remote Buddhist monasteries clinging to crumbling cliff sides.

India is perhaps one of the most fascinating countries one can visit. Most people become hooked on travelling in India and are drawn back time after time to discover the wonderful varied regions, incredibly friendly people, captivating history, traditions and diverse wildlife, not to mention the delicious food.Some of the reasons why people have been so fascinated by the Indian Himalayas is because
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