Kathmandu-Dhulikhel-Nagarkot Mountain Biking Tour - Days

This trip will be a great to enjoy the wonderful views of the Himalayas, eye-catching views scenery of the terraced fields on the undulating mountains, learn about the ethnic Newari and Tamang culture and mingle with them. The trip starts from Bhaktapur, a historic Newari town rich in architecture and sculpture of the medieval era, and passes through the hill stations of Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Namobuddha and Lakuribhanjyang before returning back to Kathmandu through the Southern ridge.

The detailed itinerary is mentioned below:

This is one of our most exciting trips that takes you through the medieval town of Bhaktapur and to a beautiful spot on a hilltop with one of the most amazing views of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. It then wheels through another beautiful town of Dhulikhel before pedaling off the dirt road towards a Buddhist holy site of Namo Buddha where legend says that one of the incarnations of the Buddha fed his own flesh to a hungry tigress. 

After an early breakfast in Kathmandu, we ride towards east to the medieval town of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is an ancient city rich in Newari culture. In the heart of this ancient town, there are many squares with temples of different sizes, shapes and religious importance carved with beautiful structures on stones and wood.
After exploring this cultural town for a while, we head northwards biking through an uphill trail to the hill station of Nagarkot. Although nearby the hustle bustle of capital Kathmandu, you will feel a different sense of serenity as you climb up the trail flanked by green terraces on both sides. 
We will stay overnight at a guesthouse in Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a hill station from where you get a 
Nagarkot is known as a place from where you can see the longest range of the Himalayan range. On a clear day, you can see the mountains ranging from Mount Everest to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri in the West. 
The place is also famous for the wonderful views of the Sunrise and Sunset it offers.

Generally, tourists choose to rise early to see the view of the sunrise. We take breakfast watching the sun creep up the sky watching the colour of the mountains change as the angle of the sunrays falling on them changes. Then, we leave for Dhulikhel. We can go to Dhulikhel via another historic town of Nala. After having lunch in Dhulikhel we ride down the road for a while and climb up towards Namobuddha. 
Namobuddha is a holy place for Buddhists. According to Myths, when lord Buddha saw a tiger dying of hunger at this place he offered the flesh of his own limbs to save the tiger at this place. The name of the  
As a hill-station you can get great views of the mountains and the jungles from this place too.

On the final day of this trip, we ride down the trail back to Dhulikhel and continue biking to Panauti, another historic Newari town. The ancient town of Panauti has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can get a quintessential of the Newari culture of the medieval era in this town. From The Indreswor Mahadev temple of Panauti is believed to be the oldest surviving temple in Nepal.

From Panauti we climb west and follow a dirt track along a meandering river. After passing the town of Madhuban, we enter into a narrow pristine valley ascending 300m on superb trail to reach the summit of Kathmandu Valley's south-eastern entry Lakhuri Bhanjyang. This is probably the oldest route east out of Kathmandu Valley that connects Kathmandu with Panauti. If the sky is clear, we can get great views of the Himalayas from Lakuri Bhanjyang. Towards the south, we can see the wide stretch of the Terai and its forests. 

Riding down the Bhanjyang for about an hour we reach a quiet village of Sisneri in the south-eastern corner of Kathmandu valley. We then bike along the dirt trails of Kathmandu suburb to Patan Durbar Square.
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