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In addition to activities like trekking, rafting, jungle safari and sightseeing in Nepal, Bungee jumping is another adventurous activity. Some 3-hour bus ride towards north from Kathmandu takes you to near Barhabise, where at the banks of Bhotekoshi River lies the only bungee jumping site in Nepal. Near the Arniko Highway a special bridge has been constructed for the jump. The bridge is 160 metres (about 500 feet) above the banks of Bhotekoshi. This is probably the highest height for a bungee jump in the world. Bungee jumping has become an exciting adventure sport both among local Nepalese and the tourists since it was installed a couple of years ago. Some choose to combine their bungee trip with a rafting in Bhotekoshi

We arrange for tickets, travel and accommodation for bungee jumping. While, it is possible for you to leave Kathmandu in the morning and return in the evening after the jump, many tourists choose to stay overnight at a resort nearby. There are a range of resorts in the area as well as in Dhulikhel, which falls on the way. 

Nepal Bungee Jumping is going to be the very unique experience for you. Many people who have already experienced the Bungee Jumping in Nepal consider that Nepal Bungee Jumping is the most spectacular free fall in the world. Nepal Bungee Jumping is Nepal's ultimate Rush and one of the longest free falls in the world. Nepal Bungee Jumping is equally fun and terrifying.
If you are the adventure lover and want to feel the ultimate bungee jumping experience, Nepal Bungee Jumping can provide you the truest experience ever. You would have to be totally insane to jump off the remarkable 500 feet drop into the Bhote Koshi River Gorge.  But remember that if you are planning for Nepal Bungee Jumping, you should not have any of the following health problems:
-    High Blood Pressure
-    Pregnancy
-    Epilepsy
-    Heart Diseases
-    Drug or Alcohol Addiction
-    Orthopedic Problems
-    Psychological Problems
-    and Neurological problems
If you want to join Nepal Bungee Jumping trip, remember Blue Mountain Travel & Tours. We can arrange the best Bungee Jumping trip in Nepal. If you have any query regarding Nepal Bungee Jumping, always feel free to contact us.
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