What is altitude sickness?

An illness felt by travelers that is unique to the higher elevation is called Altitude Sickness. Usually, a traveler is found to have experienced the altitude sickness when he is passing through the land located at above 3000m altitude.
People suffering from Altitude Sickness are known to experience headache, difficulty in breathing and nausea.
Types of Altitude Sickness:
AMS: Acute Mountain Sickness (minor)
HAPE: High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (severe): water in lungs
HACE: High Altitude Cerebral Edema (severe): water in brains
Causes of Altitude Sickness:Low barometric pressure
Less oxygen
Fast climbing
DehydrationMinor Symptoms of Altitude Sickness:Hangover
Difficulty in breathing
Loss of appetite
DizzinessSevere Symptoms:Frequently occurring dry cough
High pulse Rate (110)
Blueness in face, lip and finger nails due to failure in transportation of oxygen in blood
Mental confusion
Walking like a drunk
UnconsciousnessDecision Making:
In case of a patient suffering from acute mountain sickness, make patient to take rest at the same altitude level. Taking aspirin also helps. In case of severe case, bring the patient to lower level of altitude and contact the rescue team immediately.
Prevention:Give more time for acclimatization after reaching at an altitude above 1000m.
Do not go too fast, do not go too high
Say no to alcohol, cigarettes and sleeping pills� ����
Drink plenty of water and other fluids
Do not carry heavy load (10-12kg max.)
�Climb high, Sleep low
After 3000m elevation, try to climb only 400m per day
Do not travel aloneUseful Tips:Have detailed knowledge regarding altitude sickness before being engaged in the trekking
In case of mild suffering, do not make the patient climb up and give aspirin
If the condition worsens, take the patient at lower altitude
Never leave the teamTreatment:Bring the patient to the lower altitude as soon as possible, do not wait for rescue team
Supply enough oxygen
In case of minor altitude sickness, give diamox 125mg before dinner
Give Nafedipine for patient of HAPE
Give steroids/ dexamethasone for patient of HACE
Use hyperbaric bag
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