Why Travel With Us?

Blue Mountain has always fascinated it’s valuable clients. Clients across the globe visits Nepal because of it’ natural beauty. And make sure Blue Mountain is the company that assures the total satisfaction of your dreams and let’s you be near our mother nature. You can be privileged to be our distinguished guest after you see our salient features.


Blue Mountain Travels and tours has the most competent staffs. They are the experts in their field. Competence, qualification, honesty, dignity and integrity are overwhelming and sensitive factors found in our staffs. Our staffs can be your true friends and a visionary leaders during your trip in Nepal. “Believe in our staffs to believe in our natural panorama, lustic flora and faunas”,this is the motto regarding the competence of our staffs. You can get the satisfied hospitality in our company.


Transportation, it is the most lucrative item we offer to our distinguished clients. A fleet of luxury vehicle{ie cars,jeeps and buses} most of them are air-conditioned ply under our company. These vehicle are handled by the experienced staffs as well. We feel the transportation should be well accessed to promote our services and they are in the best form .

Up to Date Information

we provide the latest informations, bulletin and notices regarding the natural resources, their accessibilities, terms and conditions to fulfill etc. These informations makes our clients more comfortable in terms of securities, safetys and their personal queries. We believe in providing the informations in hand so they need not to suffer any difficulties nor to approach us nor to make a safe and secure journeys in the days ahead.


Modern equipments are the must to understand and to play with the mother nature. These accessories are in the best form in our company. We offer the latest equipements/brands that we have traded from the Europe and the America. Euipments for any kind of adventure as climbing, rafting and trekking tool are in adequate manner. We deal with the manufacturers and the traders of this equipments and have the proper informations of handling these equipments.

Safety & Security

Safety is the top priority we provide to our valuable clients. Our company assures our guests of any kind of hazards and accidents occurring in the journeys. We are obliged to the personal health and hygiene of our clients so staffs experienced in the first aid are available in hand. Not only we give first aid we give reliable informations regarding the partiular regions and ares to minimize the risk and ensure safety.


Blue Mountain Travels and tours has the widest connections with the various countries/tour agnencies across the globe. Therefore the clients can have informations, personal queries and reservations from any part of the world or your nearest places. Clients can be reserved for the airlines tickets and the hotel reservations without any sort of barriers.

As such our travel has the widest range of connections and has it’s own identity in the domestic tourism sector as well as in the world tourism arena. Our widest connection zone has made us more closier with the different people ofdifferent races and ethnicties.


Commitment is the most needy attribute needed for the success of this tourism industries. Profit, ofcourse is the life blood to sustain this company, but inturn we are equally committed for the personal satisfaction and the desires of the clients. We are committed to our clients about our services even after the departure of the clients. This company feels that commitment is the main tool to bind it with the clients.

Money Value

This company honours the money value of the valuable clients as we know this is their hardwork money. As such we provide the best service to compensate their money value. They make expenses to their journeys and the company assures and satisfies the clients in the good manner. Moreover we make an effort to provide the maximum satisfaction than the expenses they make

Planned Journeys

Blue Mountain Travels has the set of planned journeys, nor we arrange them in arrogance. A proper research and an explanatory studies are done by our staffs to make the journeys appropriate. Planned journeys are made in order to make the journey more reliable, safer, adventurous and phenomenal. These journeys are planned by the well organized staffs who are experts in their field.

Quick Stimuli

Blue Moutain Travels has the quick response towards it’s client’s. We appreciate and warmly welcome their ideas and their participations. We believe in the customer values and ethics. Our top most priority has always to acknowledge the support from the clients.

We are quite hopeful and pessimistic for the deliberate support from our clients and we too are confident that you will make your dream destination to Nepal. May we will be privileged to serve you in the future.
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