Female Trekking Guide

Trekking has no longer remained the activities limited to men. With the growing voice for equality, trekking has been able to attract significant number of female adventure lovers as well. With the increase in crowd of female trekkers and their complaints about some difficult situations they had to face, ‘Blue Mountain Travels & Tours’ realized the need for the female trekking guides. Making females self –independent was the other reason that motivated us to bring females into the unchartered land of tourism industry. Thus we came up with the brilliant team of female trekking guides. Not only are they familiar with the geographical terrains, diverse wildlife species, culture and traditions of the region that they are visiting but they are also fluent in English which will make sure that language will not become barrier in your trekking experience. Language barrier can become a serious problem that will kill all the fun out of your adventure. We would like to assure you that this will not be the case in ‘Blue Mountain Travels & Tours’.
We believe that economic capability will help in making women independent and self sufficient and it will also build the confidence in them so that they can take their own decisions. The practice of female trekking guide is advantageous to both- the female trekking guide as well as the lady trekkers. The stamina level of female are considered low in comparison to male. Also, there are certain problems that ladies find difficulty to openly discuss with females. Choosing female guides is the effective way of avoiding these problems as female trekkers can discuss all their feelings, situations and circumstances with female guides.
 Trekking in Nepal with our highly capable female trekking guides will be the thrilling experience of exploring the nature and culture of this Himalayan country. Share every problem that you are facing with our women trekking guides and you will find them to be highly cooperative who will do everything they can to solve your difficulties that you face during the trekking.
Come, enjoy the whole new experience of exploring Nepal through our professional female trekking guides and see Nepal in a different way.
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