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Due to the diverse terrain, undulating mountains, terraced fields, lush green forest and turquoise water bodies in Nepal, paragliding is both challenging and fun. The country's topography is very suitable for paragliding as there are many vantage points from where you can fly. We work in close connection with agencies which have long years of experience in providing paragliding, para-hawking and hot air balloon services in Nepal. 

Particularly, for beginners we offer paragliding services from Lakuri Bhanjyang of Kathmandu and Sharangkot of Pokhara. For beginners, we provide some training and orientation before paragliding. Unless you are a very experienced and a licensed para glider, one of our experienced guides take you for flight. We arrange for the necessary permits, the para glider and the required gears. 

Paragliding in Nepal will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience as you can savour the country's natural beauty from a bird's eye view. While paragliding over the sky of Kathmandu, you can see the sprawling city, the terraced fields on the surrounding mountains, the long stretch of the Terai plains and the lush green forest on them and the snow-capped mountain range far away. 

If you are paragliding over the sky in and around Pokhara, you get an even better view – the turquoise lakes of Pokhara, the mountains and the forests in the Annapurna area. 

For more experienced para gliders wanting some extra fun, we can arrange for paragliding over other parts of Nepal within the areas permitted by Nepal government. 

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