Map of Nepal

The question- ‘Where is Nepal?’ is best answered through maps of Nepal. The physical map of Nepal is useful in getting the clear idea about the geographical position of the country. Maps come in various forms. Street view maps, satellite maps, global map and aerial map and world map are some of the easily available forms.
Maps and directions help us a lot while traveling through the unknown territories. It helps us to easily navigate the places. There are many maps house in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal which sell maps and compass.
Map of Nepal can further be classified into political map, physical map, topographic map, geological map and aeronautical chart. Political map shows the territorial borders while physical map depicts the characteristics of geography and types of infrastructures built. Mountains, soil type, roads and buildings are the commonly included things in physical map. Topographic map shows elevations and relief with contour lines. Geological map includes the subsurface structures and characteristics of underlying rock along with the physical surface. Aeronautical charts are useful more to the airplane pilots. Recently, with the easy access of Nepalese in smart phones, electronic maps of Nepal are also getting popular. Computerized maps can be zoomed in and zoomed out and also the existing map can be replaced by more detailed map.  
You can always follow the link for obtaining the digital GPS maps. Since they have developed the detailed digital topographical trekking maps of Kathmandu along with remote regions of Khumbu, Mount Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and several other popular trekking regions of Nepal, you are assured that you will never get lost. These electronic maps are completely compatible with smart phones using Apple IOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and several other operating systems.
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