National Flag of Nepal

Nepal FlagNepal has always remained an independent state. It has its own culture and traditions and it boasts in being the only country which has the non- rectangular shaped national flag. All other national flags of the world are quadrilateral in shape.
The present flag was officially adopted as the national flag of Nepal on 16th December of the year 1962. Before 1962, Nepal flag used to have human faces of sun and moon but the faces were removed to give the flag a modern theme.
Some of the flag facts of Nepal include:
The flag of Nepal contains two triangular parts of red with blue border line and it bears the symbols of moon and sun in white. The flag ratio is 3:4.
The sun and moon represented in the flag is believed to convey the message that the country of Nepal will exist in the worlds till the sun and moon bestow their light on earth. Also, taking the reference from the history of Nepal, the moon is believed to represent the royal ancestry of Nepal while the 12pointed sun is supposed to depict the Rana dynasty of Nepal. The blue border on the flag of Nepal signifies peace while red is the color which speaks about bravery and warm heartedness of Nepalese. Besides, red is the color of rhododendron which is the national flower of Nepal. 
Flag of Nepal is based on geometric and mathematical principals and the Article 5 of the Constitution of Nepal has been dedicated to teach the drawing procedure of Nepal flag. Of course, Nepal Flag can be said to be the most mathematical flag of the world as no other countries national flag have such difficult shapes as of national flag of Nepal.  Nepali people are proud of their unique national flags.
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